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Menaggio Boat Service and Water Taxi Tour Booking

A water taxi in Menaggio is necessary in order to get to popular tourist places, to reduce travel time by road or to reach places where there are no roads at all. Moving along the water route is quite safe and gives you the opportunity to get an excellent emotional charge from contemplating the view that has opened. Appreciate all the delights of the sunny land along with the impeccable water taxi service from the company. An individual sightseeing tour will bring a lot of impressions and pleasure, a polite driver will be attentive to your wishes and preferable. You will go on an individual walk with a connoisseur of all the most beautiful places in the city, see world-famous villas and swim on warm beaches. You can see with your own eyes the magnificent landscapes of the lake and hear unknown facts about life in this wonderful place. A sightseeing walk on the water will provide a charge of good mood and positive emotions from contemplating the unique beauty.

Menaggio water taxi - tour on classic boat on Como

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Reliable water taxi service in Menaggio. Book the unforgettable private boat tour on luxury wooden boat or water limousine.

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Our booking system is simple and flexible. You can choose any itinerary or customized tour to enjoy a relaxing boat trip in Menaggio.

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Ordering a private tour of Lake Como from Menaggio is an interesting and informative way to spend time and experience all the delights of the reservoir on your own. During a boat trip, you will learn about the inhabitants of the villas on the banks of Como, including actors and artists, politicians and presidents, and many other famous residents. Many of the villas were used for filming world-famous Hollywood masterpieces. A water taxi will give you the opportunity to get to know the sights much closer and more interesting than a public boat trip. Menaggio will reveal his secrets to lovers of luxurious life, show all the charm of pristine beauty and enchant for years to come. Prices for a water taxi from Menaggio to Como can be checked by phone number. There is a pre-booking water taxi service. Discounts and promotional programs are provided for corporate clients. Once you visit Menaggio, you will want to come back here again and again. The task of the company is to give you this opportunity at your first request.