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Traveling in Venice, you do not need to limit yourself to visiting the classic sights of this European city. The nearby islands in the lagoon deserve no less attention. One of them is Murano. It is known for the fact that the world-famous Murano glass products have long been born here. They are popular in different countries of the world and are highly valued. But, many travelers come here not only to buy beautiful glass creations of local craftsmen, but also to see this amazing place with their own eyes. However, not everyone who came to Venice for the first time knows how to visit here. The only way to get from Venice to the island is by water taxi in Murano. It is also called vaporetto. The road does not take long. During this period, you can relax, chat, make plans for further adventures. The trip can take from 15 to 40 minutes, due to varying degrees of remoteness of individual areas. Usually it takes about 20 minutes to sail to Murano.

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A boat trip to the island of Murano is an opportunity to get a real pleasure from visiting Venice and its picturesque places. Such a trip will definitely be remembered and will make you want to come back here more than once. After all, there really is something to see. First of all, everyone wants to get here in order to look at the process of creating glass products. You can see how the famous Murano glass is made in one of the workshops during the tours. Here you should also definitely come to the Museum of Glass. Arriving guests will get acquainted with amazing dishes, jewelry and other household items. But, this is not all that a tourist can visit. Many do not miss the opportunity to visit the Basilica of Santi Maria e Donato, the church of San Pietro Martire and see the local lighthouse. Therefore, if you want to see all these sights with your own eyes, you should book a private boat tour in Murano. The water taxi is equipped so that the trip of tourists is comfortable. You can book a boat at a convenient time for you and quickly get to the legendary island.