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Most visitors to Venice have a question. Where to start the tour and acquaintance with the Venetian world? The question of how to move is less common. With all the desire to get to most places by land (on foot or by car) will not work. You can order a water taxi from Piazza San Marco to the islands of Murano and Burano. Along the way, capturing the Grand Canal. This walk will take several hours. However, for the first time impressions are enough for the whole day. The island of Murano is famous for its skilled glassblowers. And on the streets of Burano are the very classic houses of Venice that can be seen in the movies and in the photo. The architecture of the Grand Canal is replaced by an open water surface, on which ships constantly ply. Slowing down and entering the historic center, you immediately feel the spirit of Venice. Whether there will be an opportunity to distract from impressions for a cup of coffee is unknown. Perhaps the benevolent captain of the boat will offer something stronger. The starting point of the excursion is St. Mark's Square, this is the place where you should take a breath from water adventures. Meanwhile, for the inexperienced, it is possible to book a private tour of Venice from Piazza San Marco.

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You can talk about this place for a long time. And even seeing him once will not be enough. This area attracts tourists from all over the world. And all they do there is admire masterpieces, visit cafes and just talk. Historically, the beginning of the construction project dates back to the 16th century. Although the laying of the foundation goes deep into the 11th century. Stone geometry is nothing more than an illusion. Although this place is enlivened by tourists, shopkeepers and local pigeons. A well-known and unique fact is that once a year the area is submerged in water for a while. This is due to the nature of the tides. An architectural fairy tale from a museum, a basilica, a clock tower turns around 360 degrees. There are also hotels nearby. The choice depends on the budget and time of stay in Venice. You can book not only a room for the night, but also transport with a personal English-speaking guide. And indeed. To travel around the city you need a knowledgeable person and a water taxi from the airport to Piazza San Marco.