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Piazzale Roma Bus Station Boat Service and Water Taxi Tour Booking

A water taxi from Piazzale Roma to Piazza San Marco is considered a classic, which is well known to tourists. It is located in the central part and is considered a tourist Mecca. It is a tourist center, administrative, cultural, religious. Here is the Cathedral of St. Mark, which was erected in the 9th century. It was reconstructed over the following centuries and acquired its final appearance in the 16th century. And yet, here is the famous Doge's Palace, the heads of the Venetian Republic, which existed for more than a thousand years until the 18th century. Clock towers and picturesque nature are also very interesting. Impressions will last for a long time, and a high-speed water taxi will take you to any point without traffic jams and delays on the way.

Water Taxi from Piazzale Roma to hotel in Venice City Centre

Classic Wooden Boats with Skipper

Reliable water taxi service in Piazzale Roma Bus Station. Book the unforgettable private boat tour on luxury wooden boat or water limousine.

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Amazing and romantic Venice does not need a special introduction and advertising. But there are many corners that can and should be explored. And also, the surroundings are of great interest, which are imbued with the spirit of history. Getting around this amazing place is much easier than by land transport. If you are interested in a water taxi from Piazzale Roma to a hotel in Venice or in other directions, then ordering it is not difficult. These are miniature boats equipped with everything you need. Safety precautions are observed, a high level of service is provided. Vessels move under the guidance of experienced captains. The cars are modern, equipped with electronics and navigation to control the optimal speed of movement and prevent deviations from the route. But that's not all the possibilities. There is a real surprise for travel lovers. At any convenient time, you can order a private tour in Venice, which is important for large, small companies, couples in love. Tours are led by a guide who is familiar with local attractions. Trips are interesting for age, youth, even children's audience. And all because excursions are associated with dynamic movement on the water surface. This guarantees maximum positive emotions.