Water Taxi and Boat Tours in Italy


An overview of the sights of a European country cannot be accomplished in a day or two. Unique architecture and cultural treasures are located in different points. It takes several hours to explore each site. In order to cover the most interesting things in a short time, it is worth choosing the right transportation. Water cab in Italy is a means of transportation that will help you get to the desired point quickly. A trip on a small boat is inexpensive. To save money, it is better to wait for the maximum filling of the vessel. The boat holds no more than ten people. The advantages of this method of travel: affordable cost, as well as the opportunity to enjoy the local scenery during the trip. Boat cabs are not found in all cities. This is the most common mode of transport in Venice. There are no ground ways to travel here. Many tourists are wary of exorbitant prices for the trip. In Venice, water cabs are operated by an official service. Fares are fixed. Check the website for rates and preferred itinerary. Here, you can also check the parking lots and pay for the trip. When boarding the ship it is sufficient to show a voucher confirming payment. Night rates are higher than day rates.

You can get on a boat at the official anchorages. An alternative is to order a boat  by phone. In this case the cost will be several times higher. Unhurriedly enjoy the scenery of the wonderful city is better on a private trip. You can arrange a tour on a small boat through the canals of Venice. Booking a private boat tour in Italy is the best solution, which will leave the most vivid memories of the trip. A boat trip to the islands of Burano, Murano and Lido will allow you to get close to the culture of the local population. You will admire the unique buildings and memorable objects of the country. Churches and cathedrals of the quiet sparsely populated Torcello island won't leave anyone indifferent. Here you can enjoy the silence and unparalleled beauty of local sunsets. A boat trip to Italy can be rounded off with a nice private dinner. Enjoying a delicious wine and light snacks is possible while cruising along the canals of the unique city.